Strengthening Community

Trelis is a new and innovative charity (reg. charity no: 1197200) funded by, and working in partnership with, the Goscombe Group of companies.

Trelis supports, facilitates, and invests into work that reverses disadvantage, housing inequality, worklessness, and social injustice.


We believe that when people are secure in their home, healthy within their relationships, motivated by their work, and invested in their community, then we all benefit.

Trelis exists to work together with others, across these interconnected areas, to strengthen local community.

We may facilitate counselling services for individuals, finance a local charity helping people with housing issues, invest in a social enterprise that helps people back into work, facilitate apprenticeship programmes for long-term unemployed young people, or campaign for social reform within the housing sector.

Our focus is upon:

1.  Training & Employment

2.  Community Programmes

3.  Support & Advocacy

4. Campaigning for Change

We are open to working with any organisation, or individual, whose work will strengthen their community.

We look to enable new ideas as much as resourcing existing initiatives with a proven track record.

We are based in Sussex, but our work is nationwide, reaching any community in which Goscombe Group builds homes.

By working in partnership with private businesses Trelis will deliver and enable meaningful social impact without needing public funds.

Trelis will steward this invested wealth to achieve the sorts of social outcomes usually associated with the Public Sector, creating significant social savings.

For more information about Trelis and our plans to work in communities across the UK please contact us at: